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Why buy a waterbed?

There are many advantages to owning a waterbed over a normal spring mattress bed or a memory foam mattress bed. Once people experience owning a waterbed they very rarely go back to any other type of bed.

Longevity: Buying a waterbed is a fantastic long term investment. A well maintained waterbed should last you far longer than any other type of bed. Spring mattresses lose their shape over time, leaving uncomfortable lumps and bumps. Waterbed mattresses don't have this problem; you get the same even support all night, every night resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

Hygiene: Both spring and memory foam mattresses can double their weight in 10 years as a result of collecting dead skin particles, sweat, dust, dirt and allergens that can't be removed; this is the perfect breeding ground for dust mites or "bed bugs" who further add to the problem with their droppings. A waterbed mattress has a removable cover that can be placed in the washing machine and the actual mattress can simply be wiped clean with a cloth and some vinyl wash.

Comfort: Unlike a normal mattress, a waterbed mattress can be customised to perform exactly how you want it to. The amount of motion you experience when getting into a waterbed can be fine tuned by the use of polyester stabilisation layers. Meaning you can have a full motion waterbed or a motionless waterbed and anything inbetween. A motionless waterbed mattress feels like it is filled with a thick liquid gel and reacts slowly to your movements. The temperature of the waterbed mattress is set by you with the built in luxury heating system. All of our waterbeds can also be fitted with a state of the art massage unit if you wish to relieve any aches, pains or stress.

Health: Many studies show that an uninterrupted full night of sleep on a regular basis can improve many health problems. A waterbed mattress gives you full, even, temperature controlled support across your whole body as you sleep unlike a normal mattress which creates pressure points and poor blood circulation. Waterbeds are especially helpful to Asthma sufferers and people with arthritis.

Customisation: There are literally thousands of different combinations of options for you to choose for your waterbed so your bed can be unique to just you. From custom headboards with either a fabric or leather finish (we have 49 different shades of leather alone) to the type of wood and style on the waterbed base, even down to the material on your waterbed cover.

This is just a summary of the benefits of owning a waterbed. Please read our Waterbeds and You section for more.

Why are we different from other waterbed retailers?

A waterbed is unique to it's owner so it is always best to try out our waterbed range at our Newport showroom. Many people come into our store with one type of bed in mind and end up leaving with a different product after trying out the different mattress types and motions. We are experts when it comes to Waterbeds, with our advice and information, we can help you find the perfect waterbed for your needs.

Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed Accessories

We have a range of accessories to keep your waterbed in perfect working order. From waterbed conditioner to DIY repair kits.

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Akva Waterbeds

Akva Waterbeds

We believe Akva waterbeds are the best in the world. Waterbeds at George Street has the UK's largest range of these fantastic beds.

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Aquastar Waterbeds

Aquastar Waterbeds

Aquastar stands for quality, luxury and innovation. They are the largest manufacturer of waterbeds in the UK.

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Waterbed Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Waterbeds are proven to help you sleep; they reduce back problems, help asthma sufferers and have many benefits that are good for your health.

Find out more about waterbed health benefits.

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Waterbed Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Expert advice and information about buying, using and owning a luxury waterbed.

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