Akva Vega Waterbed

Akva Waterbeds

An Akva waterbed provides you with a modern sleeping system manufactured using the latest technology and with due consideration to the environment. Since 1981, Akva Waterbeds has refined and improved the quality of its water mattresses so that today, the company is Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of high-quality waterbeds.

Akva Soft

Akva SOFT softside waterbed

The original Akva waterbed is amazing value for the superb quality that it offers. As with the Allround and the Deco there is a huge variety of options available.

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Akva Allround

Akva ALLROUND softside waterbed

The foam frame has been split horizontally in two and the top-half is very soft foam. The bottom half can be upholstered in cloth or leather of your choice to compliment the colours of your bedroom.

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Akva Deco

Akva DECO SOFTside waterbed

The Akva Deco, a beautiful softside waterbed, with a decorative hardwood surround which doesn't interfere with ease of access. The surround is available in three different woods or upholstered in one of 49 beautiful shades of leather.

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Akva Vega

Akva VEGA softside waterbed

Akva Vega is an exclusive waterbed designed by the Danish designer Per Weiss. It has an ultra modern floating design with a polished chrome frame, fine leather finish, beautiful piping on the seams, 2 built in night lamps and 2 elegant white leather poufs.

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Akva Junior

Akva JUNIOR softside waterbed

The Akva Junior mattress is soft, comfortable and ideal for infants. Children can sink into a sound sleep and wake up fully refreshed ready to cast themselves into whatever the new day has to offer.

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Akva Baby

Akva BABY mini waterbed mattress

The Akva Baby is non-allergic and easy to keep clean. The water mattress comes in three different sizes and is suitable for most cots and cradles, for children up to 3 years.

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